Anybody know how to get more power out of a 2016 Teryx 800 Or how to make it...


Anybody know how to get more power out of a 2016 Teryx 800? Or how to make it go faster than 50?

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  • There is no limit really. How many thousands do you want to spend!

  • Well I'm basically looking for the best bang for my buck.

  • Let me know if you found something!

  • Should be able to get an aftermarket cdi to raise rev/ speed limiter for starters ...then yea, the sky is the limit

  • PCV can delete the limiter. I think it will hit around 60 without it.

  • Clutch pipes tuner.

  • You will not break 50 without a power commander 5, it will remove the factory speed limiters, but has to be programmed to do so, with a decent slip on muffler, and a pc5(which from him will be programmed) and clutch kit from John grutza, aka vforcejohn, you can get in the mid 60s. He has a facebook, but due to clutch wars on this forum I can't tag him in this. If you post over on team deez rutz , he will likely respond

  • Yea vforce john can set you up with all 3 he has a webpage too.

  • I got just a programer from him and it goes bout 62-66

  • How much did that cost you?

  • Danny Green I think it was like 350/380