anybody know how tall the stock risers are On the nacelle version to be...


anybody know how tall the stock risers are? On the nacelle version to be specific...

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  • I believe stock risers are 1". The issue with aftermarket was finding ones that didn't bump the top cover once installed. HD FLTR Road King risers are a tight fit, filled down some excess metal and had to play with the top clamps to get the cover back on.

  • By the way, I have a sister set of LA Chopper brand risers if anyone is interested.

  • I bought some bars you told us about. Guess I gotta find risers for 1.25 bars...

  • Ah hell, get a couple of sockets and a dremel!

  • Found a used set for $40 on craigslist, custom shop.... Most bike shops have these around from customers doing more pullback.

  • I don't need harley risers though, right? Just need metric risers that fit 1.25 bars?

  • The HD ones were easier to find. I hard a hard time finding an affordable set in metric. The 1700 vaquero/voyager was my first choice, just couldn't find a set within budget.