Anybody in Illinois I d buy if I was closer


Anybody in Illinois I'd buy if I was closer

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  • Dam kid jacked his price up tho

  • It's missing off the page.

  • Front fenders look good and motor still has case saver cover intact few other things to def worth 600 it will go quick, sucks they cut them oem rears

  • I may have to go get this I have one in a box right now

  • Still available?

  • I'm going to pick up tommorrow

  • What'd ya get it for?

  • He upped me to 700....

  • Wtf?

  • Somebody told him it's "rare"

  • Just put it in my truck

  • No shit? He told me I couldn't come tonight but could pick it up to morrow

  • Todd Munzer. Guy says your full of shit

  • Tyler just fuckn with ya bud figured id get ya pumped lol

  • Dick

  • Somebody doesn't know what they have.. (they were only made 87-88)

  • if Tyler McLaughlin doesnt take it i will. next in line...can come pick up any time.

  • Still got it for sale??? PM me if you do.

  • It's not even an ad from this page. Lol

  • you want to sell them mark?

  • I may or may not of told him to do that my bad lol. I told him it was worth more then 600

  • Pm sent Tyler McLaughlin