Anybody have any luck putting the license plate there

Anybody have any luck putting the license plate there?

  • Your better getting a swing arm plate holder

  • I'll look into that thank you

  • This set up only works, because u have an extended swing arm. With a regular swing arm, your plate will get chewed up by ur tire, in that position

  • Yeah

  • How much of a strecth? IAm getting an evil swing arm soon

  • I have 6 inch extensions

  • 10" over

  • Oh Dam lol not going that far ima do 6" swing arm lol

  • Where I had it the tire chewed it up

  • 8 inch extension on it now, still good

  • Happening now with me lol might just do the swing arm plate holder

  • If I were you I'd go with the swing arm plate mount.

  • Is it strait pipe?

  • lol yea, i bought two turndown pipes from auto zone and C clamped them onto the cat, worked for me but I moved recently and when my dad took them off to loand into the trailer they got bent, i'll either do it agian or buy some coffman shorties

  • Sound must be awesome!

  • It's really not bad, I'm running no pipes right now, that is a little too loud but coming over from my cruiser where i had loud pipes it doesn't bother me and if it "annoys" the car's next to me, hey at least they hear me. But no running those straight's it didn't bother me any. Now that being said ridding behind me, well that's on who ever is behind me LOL

  • they power supersports or power cups?

  • Just get 3m high strength velcro. Put mine on 3 years ago and it's never fallen off

  • Michelin power cup they are sticky

  • been looking at getting the cup ultimates :) just never seen them on another road bike

  • I have my plate under the tire in dat spot