Anybody have a seat cover they d like to part with I d prefer a gripper seat...

Anybody have a seat cover they'd like to part with? I'd prefer a gripper seat but those are hard to come by.

  • you should be able to call quad tech. bill and leah should have a seat panel. Brian Rose years a go had one covered there and I had 2 done in like 2013-14. best gripper seats going

  • I really don't want black though. I can get a gripper seat in black off eBay.

  • both are new foam from hiflite, oem height and desert height. custom with my kawieriders user name. So ya I'm keeping them till I

  • not quad tech quality you won't. they may have color options available. my next seat I'm going to make the hump like a lot of the pros have. the quick latch mod is great to

  • I hate having to unbolt the seat.

  • I hear ya. Brian Rose was the one who showed me. he may originally created it??? it works so good. I sold Joel Little the very first one I did myself. great seat. these were my 2nd and 3rd seats. Going to do one more with the hump. on these 2 I used high sought after omf seat latches. where as joels I used a generic latch. never understood why people didn't do this. best mod for under $100

  • I'm finding the Tecate to be kind of uncomfortable to ride. I think it's the seat height. Does the taller seat make it more comfortable?

  • well actually my 2 new seats with the new foams and the rare seat latches were close to $500 each. but ya could do it for under $100

  • well that's a matter of preference. funny thing is, hiflite calls it desert height which I think it like 2.5" taller. I don't have anything that resembles dunes here. I like it in 2 scenerios. I'm a trail rider only. I like if you want to be up on the gas tank with your suspension say in normal position OR if I'm road riding alot and flatten the bike right out to hug the road this taller seat gives me a good line

  • I only trail ride.