Anybody have a backrest or luggage rack for a 99 1500 2 up seat Or know where...

Anybody have a backrest or luggage rack for a 99 1500 2 up seat? Or know where I can find one or if I can use an 800?

  • Do you have a picture of it on the bike

  • Did you find a back rest and luggage rack yet ? I have a pair off my 99 Drifter . Can post pictures tomorrow .

  • I found one, but was waaayyy to expensive. If you could post pictures that would be much are you wanting for it? Thank you

  • I'm out right now but I'll post pictures when I get back

  • Ok thank you

  • Here's a shot of them on my Drifter. I bought these from Cruiser Customizing (?) about 5 yrs ago. Not been on the bike much especially since I changed the paint and seat. I think I paid around $380 something for the pair then . Would take $200 for them now. They are still in excellent shape.

  • Here's another shot . I just don't carry passengers anymore . Especially since I went to a solo seat

  • I need the tire that Alan Rasmussen is selling HAHA !!

  • Here's a picture of what it looks like now. The back rest

  • I just wiped it down quickly for the picture but it's all in good shape

  • These ARE for the 99 1500 Drifter. I looked and looked before I found this place . They were the ONLY ones that I found that had any decent choices for the Drifter ( as we ALL know ) But Yeah I believe I pad like $386 for them new . Pretty sure I still have the receipt for them too. Used them a little , I put them on myself , not hard to do . And they worked great

  • I'll take it. How do you want payment? I can go to Wal-Mart and send it Moneygram and you can pick it up today. Just let me know how much shipping. Now I'm gonna have to go ride route 66 so I'm not a poser lol

  • Cool ! That will work . How about Moneygram tomorrow? I'm in the middle of mowing and not sure how that works

  • You can PM me with the info

  • Shawn Holderman you can PM with your address so I can figure out shipping and how this Moneygram works

  • PM sent

  • There are 2 brackets that hold those on . I forgot , but have those too . They're chrome too