Anybody had issues with super unleaded. Gucci. fuel such as miss firing

Anybody had issues with super unleaded (Gucci) fuel, such as miss firing? Or is everyone using bog standard unleaded?

  • Where from?

  • Shell down my way, thought it was a one off first time round, filled up again a month later at same station (used shit stuff in between) and did the same, missed a few times, must be mine, doesn't like posh fuel! It is a Kwak after All!

  • Just use unleaded the super can to rich I was told.?

  • Think you maybe right Kenneth

  • Unleaded has a 95 rating while super is around 98 so could be.

  • I use nothing but 98. Definitely don't use anything with ethanol

  • use 95 RON fuel unless you have an ignition advancer 98 RON fuel burns slower and needs the 4' advancer, stock timing is set up for 95 RON fuel in the UK. It is unusual for a bike to misbehave and back fire on super tho...

  • Well if what you say is right Darren, that would explain it. 95 from now on until the Dyno has been done