Anybody from Florida here How is the ride from North Florida let s say...


Anybody from Florida here? How is the ride from North Florida (let's say Jacksonvile) to Key West? Worth the 1,000 mile ride??


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  • Many years ago, I drove from Jacksonville to Miami down A1A, the coast road. Great drive, but it took forever. From Miami, its another four hours to Key West. If you're not in a hurry, its a great trip.

  • Yeah our schedule only allows for jacksonville to key west (~500 mi) in 1 day, and then next day 500 mi up... Might have to skip it since we wont even have time to allow for the scenic detour...

  • Not far from Jacksonville is Kennedy Space Center/Cape Canaveral (NASA) where all the space flights were launched. I wanted to stop there, but didn't have enough time. You could take A1A and US 1 for a scenic trip.

  • I haven't been that far on a bike yet. Lol