Anybody aka Colin Webb tell me if a fork brace for a D fit a C Just he can...

Anybody ..aka Colin Webb tell me if a fork brace for a D fit a C ? Just he can measure both so I can be sure

  • I didnt write them down ! lol Will measure again later :)

  • Cheers dude , sorry , just getting paranoid as got a brace for a zrx12 as told they were the same .....and they aren't, I just want to check yours c matches mine and matches your D , as that is what the brace is for ....much appreciate mate

  • If you wait till the weekend , I can take my teleflex fork brace off and show you pics/ measurements ?

  • I had a teleflex on my 750 turbo

  • The measurement between the forks chrome to chrome is exactly the same 16cm, however the d model forks are 21cm diameter, the c however appears to be 20cm !! Its hard to accurately measure the c model ones as theres a fork brace in the way!! Didnt have time to take it off :)

  • No worries Colin , I have measured mine as well now stanshion looks to be 43mm Dia but the fork leg seems to be 63mm Dia ( the d should be 62mm ) and the fork centres looks to be 205mm on the c ( measured across the adjusters at the top - can't measure accurately at the fork ) where as the D dimensions on the Tarozzi is 210mm ....enough for me to hang fire for now . Thanks for you help though ta m

  • The only sure fire way, will be for me to take the fork brace off my c and see if it fits the d :) I will do it at the weekend :) As its going to be too windy to go out in the boat fishing :D

  • That would be above and beyond mate....please don't if it is going to take loads of time

  • Its only 4 allen bolts , so consider it done. But remind me on friday, i have a memory of a goldfish!

  • Took off the brace on the c put it on the d problems :) they fit. there is a bit of adjustment to the telefix fork brace, as the 2 holes are elongated . But fitted fine (Y)