Any Versys owner in Quito Ecuador Would like to meet up I m on my way to...


Any Versys owner in Quito, Ecuador? Would like to meet up. I'm on my way to Alaska on a Versys.

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  • +506 71080946

  • Safe travels!

  • Amazing! Enjoy your travels and ride safely!

  • We want photos of your meet up!

    Queremos fotos de vuestros encuentros!

  • Zainalb - Keep us updated on your tour. And let's see how many of our members you get to meet

  • My friend and his Versys in Ecuador

  • My friend and his wife in a City tour of Quito the day they arrive

  • Excelente

  • Very cool to see all of you grouping up!

  • Sure, I will try to meet as many Versys owners along our way. Hopefully Versys owners would give me a tinkle when I am near your location. Will be Bogota, Columbia in 4 or 5 days time.

  • Would like to say a big thank you to Pablo in Quito for the wonderful time we had. Pablo took us to Kawasaki Quito to get my Versys service and the guys in Kawasaki Quito are just wonderful.