Any trailering towing experts So we got our 17 Teryx and bought the trailer...


Any trailering/towing experts? So we got our 17 Teryx and bought the trailer shown (Zieman F511). The problem is that when I am towing, the ride is jerky as hell. I am towing with a 15 Canyon which has a towing capacity 7k. I tried leveling the trailer with a drop hitch, but the ride is still bad, most noticeable under 40. Any thoughts?

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  • Looking at the trailer it looks like the Teryx would create too much tongue weight. Typically you want about 10%-15% of the load as your tongue weight. With this trailer it looks like the majority of the weight of the Teryx would be applied the tongue as the trailer design (length) doesn't allow to get more weight behind the trailer axle.

  • Hey Corey, I was kind of thinking that. Hmm... thanks, I'll have to tow with another truck to see for sure.

  • We used this same trailer when I first got our T4. Try backing the Teryx on the trailer and see if that helps

  • I would tow it with another trailer (maybe a rental trailer or a friends). I think the problem may exist more with the trailer length and ability to get more weight even distributed.

  • Mat Pollack What trailer do you have now?

  • I sold my Teryx and trailer a few months ago. Going to buy a new T4 from adrenalin this summer.

  • Looks like it would be unbalanced load??!!??

  • Try loading the teryx rear forward. If thats not better then a friction type sway bar.

  • To much tongue weight

  • The symptom generally comes from not enough tow weight, but But looks near impossible with that axle position. But even if it is right, you won't tow without noticing it. Are you sure you have the correct sized ball? What's the weight rating on that trailer?

  • If he has to much tongue weight.. not like that will change in any position.. trailer to small

  • Too small of a trailer and the axle is too far back and the teryx is a heavy machine for a trailer like that

  • Not sure what would make it feel jerky, if you have too much or not enough weight on the tow vehicles hitch it will cause the trailer to whip from side to side.

    I do agree that the trailer is too short and the axel placement should be more towards the center of the load..I tow my T-4 with a 14 foot long single axle Performance trailer built in's also a wide trailer so I have room to walk around the Teryx on the trailer...tows great.

  • I tow mine with a 12' PJ single axle and rear ramp and it works great.