Any one done a 2006 kx250f frame to fit the 500 in. pros and cons

Any one done a 2006 kx250f frame to fit the 500 in? pros and cons.

  • Seen it done its shorter wheelbase I belive so it should be more nimble. I could be wrong

  • I did mine with an 08 kxf250 frame (same shape) with the kx5 fitted.

    Awesome bike and well worth the effort.

  • Only downside is it's getting harder to find parts for the 08 series.

  • What air box and boot did you use etc give me the run down mate lol

  • Used a kx250 air boot so it would fit the carb and made an adapter plates to make it fit the kxf250 air box. If you decide to do it then I can email you the .dwg file to make the air boot fit the air box.

  • I was able to buy a service Kawasaki pipe and radiator hide kit which helped speed the process up.

  • yeh cheers mate i can get a complete frame for $800 here in new zealand

  • Brad Stark hey mate i will be going through with my 06250f frame build so if ya can email me at that would be great all the info is a big help cheers.