• Any of u guys have the clamp on speakers on your handlebars I got a 800 mile...

    Any of u guys have the clamp on speakers on your handlebars? I got a 800 mile straight line shot to Sturgis in August and would like some tunes...brand/model and how ya like em would be appreciated...I just don't wanna from 3 or 400 hundred + on something that sounds like crap and I don't want wires hanging everywhere

    • Ah ok

    • They have clamps that come with it I just added a Aluminum Plate & Rubber mounting around clamps to reduce vibration

    • I see

    • my amp is mounted to the side of the battery case thingy (outside), right under the swing arm. Tucked nice and out of the way.

    • why not just run some sound isolating ear buds? Klipsch makes a great set for about $100. Sound much better than they should for the cost.

    • I do use em if I want music which isn't often but sucks when I'm riding with other people and they start talking at stop signs or just cruising along then I gotta hit the pause or volume button or pull em outa my ears and sometimes its a pain in the ass to get em back in right especially if I'm riding along

    • Ahh I understand. They r a good idea from a noise pollution perspective

    • I have extwrnal speakers I installed on 1 bike with an amp...works good until I hit 80mph...then I can't hear much

    • Anything obstructing the hearing is illeagle like ear buds but you can have speakers inside helment wierd laws but they are laws ,,,,

    • Lol how about Freedom Pipes,,,,Don't hear anything now ...lol