Any members here outta ARIZONA or New Mexico Looking to possibly start a local...


Any members here outta ARIZONA or New Mexico. Looking to possibly start a local Kdx Vegas to Reno race team. Local or not. No sponsors just want to do this for fun and adventure. I thought it would be cool to show people these bikes are bullet proof and damn good.

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  • Think I'd have to refill my tank like three times or something, how far can yours go ?

  • Not sure on mileage I'm still getting mine fine tuned.. Bought it as a project and slowly building it into a contender... Just rebuilt carb tonight and suspension is getting rebuilt and tuned next week

  • I think as a team multi rider can have 3-4 riders

  • I can run on average 65 miles on a single tank running through the desert. I've found desert tanks that would add. 75 gal of fuel. Would make roughly 3 swaps and fuel fill. So a team of four would be perfect. 3 riders and a back up. Not looking to win, just experience and adventure.

  • I'm sure it would be a much have you looked into it I'm still researching it looks like it is limited to one bike per team.. I'd definitely be interested but it would be a helluva commitment and investment for all involved and have to put together a dependable team

  • $600 for entry for a team of 4. Plus tires, fuel, filters, chase team of family and a transponder. About 750 a person on the team.

  • Otherwise it's 200 to run as an Iron Man. And do the two days on your own bike and then run the event together as a "team" that ways there's a back up rider running with.

  • I'd definitely be in if we could put together a reliable team ... But we would need to have commitments by early spring from everyone . I may be able to even pick up a couple cash or gear sponsors to help out

  • Send me a friend request and we could talk more bout it