Any ideas. KIPS problem


Any ideas? KIPS problem?

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  • its like as soon as the power comes in it falls off.

  • Sounds like reeds to me. I had reeds cracked in a cr80 i had. I would idle decent but soon as you tried to go it'd just bog.

  • reeds are easy to check, just take the carb out of the boot, remove the bolts that hold the carb boot to the cylinder and pop the boot off, there'll be a reed block under the boot that you'll need to pop out next, the paper gasket will probably be baked on, so if you use a screw driver and lightly lift one side and use a razor blade to go around it carefully, you might be able to save the gasket. But you said it was just rebuilt, so it should just come out nice. check the reeds, see if they're cracked or missing, also holding it up and looking thru them from the carb side to see if they're closing all the way, or bent open. If the reeds look good, have a look at timing, loose wires, bare wires, un plug the kill switch etc… What about fuel? was it stored a long time? Or is it fresh gas in the tank? Any oil/mess leaking out around the cylinder base gasket? improperly torqued cylinder leads to leaking base gaskets.

  • If not reeds, check to make sure that the powervalve arm is moving correctly. It should move back and forth freely, but under tension, if you pull it out with a wrench, then let it snap back. If there is no tension on it, the piece at the bottom of the rod is broken off, and not in the groove on the powervalve governor assembly. You can buy that little piece, if that is it. They are very brittle, and can snap if the rod is mishandled during a top end rebuild.

  • thanks guys, i will check this stuff out.

  • found it, carb wasn't pushed into the intake boot hardly any. Pushed it on up and tightened it down and runs great, must have been sucking air..

  • Good work, Chris! Have fun with the new KDX!!!

  • i will, i love this bike..... its like u have the best of both worlds.

  • Cool, congratulations!

  • hi wah rear mudgard is it