Any electrical gurus on here can help me with the ignition system on my 1988...


Any electrical gurus on here can help me with the ignition system on my 1988 KDX200?

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  • The bike runs but it's not perfect, sounds a bit flat not zingy like a 2 stroke should be! I

    Why is the source coil doubled up? Where is the pick up coil?

  • About $23 on eBay lots of info

  • Thanks but I already have the Clymer and Kawasaki manuals.

  • The magnets come off the stock flywheels, and the magnet usually destroy themselves (and sometimes the stator) about 0.00001 seconds after you realise there's a problem.

    Not all stators have separate pick up coils. I don't properly understand how get can give accurate timing without them, but obviously they do.

  • Thanks, I could do with some pics of the stock set up if anyone gas them? Did the 88 bikes have a combined coil and cdi?

  • Still trying to figure this out guys! I have now fitted a stock Kdx stator but when I try to kick bike over it feels like it's about to kick back? The PE rotor I have has 3 magnets whereas a Kdx one has 4, could this be throwing the timing out? Any way to check timing is ok?

  • Kicking back usually means the timing is too advanced.

    The check the timing, find TDC and mark the stator & case relative to each other. If you've got a the spec in millimetres before TDC, also mark that point (a set of vernier calipers and some care will be accurate enough if you don't have a dial gauge), and mark that point too.

    Then hook upper a timing light and watch where it's firing. If the bike runs, you can also watch what the timing does as the revs increase (it should advance - most manuals will show you the advance curve/give specifications of advance vs revs).

    And no, they did not have integral coils & CDI boxes.

  • Thanks, will have a look.