Any comments 1994 d1


Any comments 1994 d1

%d comments
  • my 1100..

  • Very nice like the colour

  • 72 miles on her..still going strong

  • They, ll do over 100,000 if looked after , that proves the design and build to be good as they rev to 11,000 or more!

  • be looking soon for other one + got ZZR-R 600..

  • I was seriously thinking of hanging my keys up as im 67 in march but a few good motorcycling years left yet and made a lot of friends motorcycling over the years

  • Man you Don't look it Peter .if you feel you can still Ride keep Riding its in the Blood and think it keeps us young bikers Heart just needs a bit of oil now...and ..then..Peter..

  • Aye a bit of wd40 on the joints ha

  • for got about / to Ride my Friend keep it the bike will do the Rest..PAL..