Any body knows standard zzr 14 2014 rwhp

Any body knows standard zzr 14 2014 rwhp

  • That's at the rear wheel. The Gen2 from 2012 is about 20rwbhp up on the Gen1's.

  • Gen1 about 193hp Gen2 about 200hp at CRANK!!! On the wheel about 15hp less

  • 200hp on the wheel only with PC5 or Rapid Bike Evo + Autotune.

  • Arek. The guy was asking about a 2014 Gen2. My answer was for power at the rear wheel of a Gen2

  • Ok from 2014 was couple minor changes but I think engine stayed the same. Solution is very easy any 2014 owner must to do dynotest :-)

  • Arek. If you look on forum you will see that the Gen1 and Gen2 which came out in 2012 have been dyno'd lots of times. The dyno charts are there to see.

    The engine definitely did not remain the same between Gen1 and Gen2. The Gen2 engine had lots of changes including the capacity. (Size in cc). So yes the solution IS very easy lol lol. Just look where all the knowledge of these bikes already is. The Zx14r forum

  • 5,000,000 rwbhp....well it feels like that to me anyway.....

  • Ok. I know different betwen gen1&gen2. What power giving Kawasaki in official web? 200hp and 210 with Ram Air System? Last month I did dyno test My 2012 and showed 203 on crank and 186 on the wheel. Bike is fitted Akraps and BMC air filter:) No more modifications.

  • More than enough is the answer

  • Around 200