Any body know what weight coil springs the teryx 4 runs


Any body know what weight coil springs the teryx 4 runs

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  • 285# rear, 188# front.

  • Thank you do you have any more information putting different Springs on

  • What kind of info are you looking for, William?

  • Do you know where I can buy some lighter springs

  • Well, I'm not sure I'd go lighter. I'd actually go to a progressive spring that's heavier if you want a better ride. For example, on my Bandit shocks, they are 300# front and 320# rear. They ride much softer than the stockers did. There are several things at play here - they are progressive (Bandit is calling them 'dual-rate'?) so they will be softer during normal riding but provide extra load-carrying capacity and protection against bottom out when it's pushed beyond the norm. Also, the damping of bandit shock assembly itself is drastically different. All of that plays together. Regardless, with all of that said, I have seen guys buy higher rate springs from Summit for under $100 and have had decent luck. However, they went UP in weight, not down and I believe they were only replacing the rears to keep from bottoming out - an issue I think you'll definitely have if you go less than 285#. Another option is something spangfabs is working on. It's a dual-rate replacement spring option for the stock bodies. I've heard good things about the initial testing. The set for all four corners is something like $475. Or, you can save up $1000 and go with Bandits. I think that's the best stop gap between stock and a $4500 long travel suspension. Good luck!

  • Thanks

  • I have a 2014 800 T2 and they are 175 in the rear and I went with 250s and the ride is so much better at lower trail speeds like 5-30mph.