• Any bikes for sale up to 4k

    Any bikes for sale, up to 4k?

    • At that mileage you would need to check wheel bearings,valves depending on when they were last done and general grease items but apart from that should all be good. Also check it has the red master key or it's a new Ecuador locket if you loose the key :-( as David Walker said abs is worth having just don't believe him about the without warning bit :-) the rest of use got round without any problems :-)

    • Main dealer stamps so would assume valves have been checked, I'm OK with the spanners so would strip bike down over winter to grease up head bearing, linkages new fork oil etc.

    • Got red key

    • Number three rod and low oil are it's achillis heel

    • Never had a bike with abs in the last 30 years of riding so wouldn't miss it, just taking a break from track days so looking for a sporty bike with a bit of comfort for a day out..

    • Only if it's David Walker's bike Gary Spud Taylor

    • Do they like a drink of oil?

    • Mine never used any but some are reported too and it's low oil starvation that causes number three to let go , it's the design of the oil pick up I'm told but it's very rare but can happen

    • The guys just been to assen on it so i assume its ok

    • Sod it, going to get the 06 tomorrow :)