Antonio Brador shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Drifter Parts For Sale.


Mounts onto the saddlebag rails. Includes no hardware. Powdercoated black less that 4 months ago, so its is great shape. Has 2 holes on each mount so it can be raised or lowered from the saddlebag rails.

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  • As much as I want one I can never see myself paying over 300 bucks for a !limited use luggage rack. That's the same as a new set of tires

  • Tires wear out and aren't rare. :-) This rack is so old, I don't even know how much they were, originally. All about availability.

  • i was lucky enough to pick up a rear rack and a seat rail for $50 each plus shipping right here on this page from a member , both are as rare as hen's teeth !

  • Roy Where did you get your seat??

  • came with the bike Dusty Lynn , it was factory option

  • Damn... That's the look I'm trying to find...

  • someone on kawasaki drifter riders has one for sale in tan for $160 , right now

  • looks like you have one in tan already

  • Ya, but want a black match my saddlebags

  • I made one from flat metal and 1/4 solid square stock think it cost me under $30

  • paint it with vinyl paint and black dye for the leather , mar hyde vinyl paint and dye

  • I will pay if you would make me one!!!!

  • Thank you Roy!!!

  • It's very simple but it works I wish I had it powder coated the paint wears off - I kept it simple it's just square with 4 legs coming down to the saddle bag mount

  • Kevin just sent you a PM

  • Sane here! Lol. Did you have to weld?

  • Pm sent