Another year s MOT that feeling never goes away Young Sean here is simply...


Another year's MOT, that feeling never goes away. Young Sean here is simply reflecting my grin :-)

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  • I hate mot day glad she's passed now get her to the t.t

  • There's only a few things in life

    we can ever be completely sure of Muffy, one as we know is death and just one of the others is that failing volcanoes and/or shipwreck lol us and our Zeds will be there for TT 2016. Good luck to all those who are there right now, enjoy enjoy!

  • No MOT's over here, perhaps that is why there are so many heaps of shite being ridden around, cars are tested mainly by a computerised system and nothing is let go.

  • Pat that means next year you bike will need mot on tt week

  • Arrr we're way ahead on that one Muffy, I don't mind giving 'er Maj' 2 free weeks by getting it done early

  • Can't believe that Dave, there's got to be wall to wall death-traps

  • Pat, you would not believe the state of some of the stuff ridden over here. Biggest factor is the "Ride what you can afford" rules that allow "Restriction certs" on large capacity bikes allowing lads and lasses to ride with no prior real experience, especially when it comes to maintenance. I have seen some horror stories in my mates workshop that are literally death traps. Chains and tyres? Sure they were ok when I bought the thing.......

  • In St.Columbanus we trust.............:-)

  • Scary!

  • and the main reason I always import my bikes