• Another result seems I hae a k n filter 50 saved there how can they be cleaned

    Another result, seems I hae a k &n filter, £50 saved there how can they be cleaned?

    • Using compressed air will knacker it

    • In that case ive been Knackering them for the last 50 years lol

    • From another group:

      K&N filter cleaning.

      A total waste that kit. Here's what to do. in a 5 gallon bucket of water add 1/4-1/2 cup powdered laundry detergent and make a cup of tea. Immerse and gently agitate the filter in the bucket while sipping your beverage. Allow filter to soak while you refresh yourself. Gently agitate as before, remove and rinse with clear water. Allow to air dry. When dry spray with any light aerosol oil to wet the element not soak it! That's it!

    • Got mine ready to go in.

    • Don't clean, just oil it

    • I buy the k n n cleaning kit..

    • mild soap and water and let it dry by itself then re-oil and put back... K&N also sell washing kit but more expensive...

    • Dishwashing maschine and then KN oil!

    • To be honest it's really pretty clean, blew a few flies out and it's good to go again..

    • I did that once. Once.. wife kicked fuck outta me lol

    • Never did it myself, but I use it for the hood filters regularly, with good result :-)

    • soapy water dry and coat wd40