• Another question about deceleration backfire which is driving me nuts

    Another question about deceleration backfire, which is driving me nuts.

    Have read something like blocking off the air hose going to the valves, might do the trick? Is that the hose seen on the picture (middle left) and what to do with it.

    Or is there a better way?

    I have the following setup:

    + Vance Hines Powershots

    + Power Commander V

    + Hyper Charger PRO-R Air (seen on the picture - cover off)

    • Bare Carr Which of the ones you mention are the best ? Are any of them using O2 sensors?

    • O2 sensors are blocked the best is http://www.dobeckperformance.c om/

    • Bare Carr so if I go for the Dobeck, except for the install, do I need to do a dyno run/tune? Or is it a pre seting and ready to go?

    • With performance air intake set at 3 3 2 4 stock 3 3 0 4

    • I take that by stock you mean stock airbox/intake?

    • Correct

    • Some time has passed and I finally managed to solve my problem!!!

      Kept my PC-V, since just taking it off would make the engine run like krap - yes really!

      The deceleration backfire did (as I noticed it) only happened when letting go of the throttle. I also read somewhere of FB that the follow would help. So as you can see, the coulomb "0" was mostly changed to +15. The MOST important values are the ones I have redboxed.

    • Matthew Merrell Sr what does your input has to do with this subject?

    • Mervyn House try to have a look at this thread. Might help you - it did mine.