Another little something to build into the fairing. a pair of these with hid s

Another little something to build into the fairing ..a pair of these with hid's

  • Gotta build a fairing around that rather lovely looking piece of lighting

  • Oh shit what lights is that? I bet it will look brilliant!

  • It a zx10r light .. Now ya know why my build is taking so long ..I'm also changing the rear light for a gpz900r light

  • I i am tempting to do something similar. Just use R1 light

  • Fair play Al, I like it !

  • nice I wish I had the ability to do fairing re-models :)

  • I haven't done anything this big before .. And it's a bit of a learning curve .. But with the material's available to the public now days it's easier than it used to be

  • yup, modern materials sure beat chicken wire and cataloy.....:-)