ANGRY BIKERS Moment traffic cop is confronted by a dozen motorcyclists after...


ANGRY BIKERS Moment traffic cop is confronted by a dozen motorcyclists after leaving a stinger at the side of the road as a ‘visual deterrent’

Furious riders said spike strip could kill them after cops were dealt with dangerous driving at biker hot spot near Brands Hatch


11th July 2016, 11:36 am

A TRAFFIC cop was confronted by a dozen angry bikers after leaving a stinger device as a “visual deterrent” at the side of a busy road used by motorcyclists.

The furious row erupted after police had been called to deal with reports of dangerous driving in Wrotham, Kent.

biker stinger


Angry bikers surround a police officer after he laid a stinger trap at the side of the road

biker stinger


The officer picks up the spike strip device as motorcyclists hurl abuse at him

The area is a hot spot for bikers who organise meetings near the Oakdene Cafe a few miles from the world famous Brands Hatch racing circuit.

As an officer handled a stinger spike strip used to deflate tyres, he was surrounded by angry bikers in dramatic scenes caught on video by Michael Atley.

One biker can be heard shouting: “Are you seriously going to use that?” Another rider walks past the officer and says: “You ain’t allowed to do that, boys.”

A third biker fumes: “Police using stingers for motorbikes. Anyone who rides knows if they ride over that it’s game over. You’re coming straight off the bike.”

biker stinger


Bikers said the stinger trap could kill one of them if it burst their tyres on the road even at 30mph

biker stinger


Motorcylsists were furious when police were called to reports of dangerous driving in Wrotham, Kent

As the officer makes his way back to pick up the device, the leather-clad bikers warn him someone could be killed if he uses it.

A biker shouts: “At 30mph you could kill someone. Whether it’s 100mph or 30mph. Use your brain.”

The cop then places the device in the back of his patrol car before someone shouts “f**k off”. The cop car’s reg number is filmed before a biker shouts “See you later. F***ing p***s. Jog on.”

Biker forums were also swamped with comments after the video, entitled ‘Police trying to use a stinger on bikers’, was uploaded to Facebook and Youtube where it has more than 1.4million views.

One user, called Waffles, posted: “That looks like the road outside the Oakdene Cafe down in Wrotham. If it is I know that they put a dispersal order in place last year that banned groups of three or more bikers after complaints and they put CCTV cameras on the street lights.

“Stingers for bikers is dangerous and incredibly negligent. I’m really surprised anyone thinks that that is an option to stop a bike safely.”

Kent Police said the device was not deployed or placed across the road.


A spokesman said: “At 8.22pm on Wednesday 6 July 2016, Kent Police received several reports of dangerous driving in London Road, Wrotham.

“Officers attended the scene to ensure public safety and attempted to engage with the biking community who had gathered at the location.

“A ‘stinger’ device was not deployed and there was no intention to deploy it. This was simply a visual deterrent to prevent unlawful activity and to protect the public from harm.

“Officers are continuing to make enquiries relating to anti-social behaviour and dangerous driving.”

The College of Policing guidelines on using stingers against motorcycles states: “Where possible it is preferable to use pre-emptive tactics to prevent motorcycle and quad bike pursuits.

“The use of tactics given in the tactics directory, including tyre deflation devices, may be proportionate and necessary to mitigate risk to the public, officers and subjects.

“It is accepted that the pre-emptive use of tactics carries some risk to rider (s), however this risk is likely to be significantly lower than allowing the vehicle to be driven at speeds to avoid capture, regardless of the intention of the police to engage in a pursuit.

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