Andy Meeks shared a profile to the group: Kawasaki Ninja Riders.

Right.., here's some fun to see if we have any potential Admins for the group.., this guy requested membership.., should I let him in and if not then why??? :-p le.php?id=100011471649427

  • Chapeau Andy Meeks Eagle eye xD

  • :-p

  • Any members who are in other groups might want to post this guys profile to whatever group to warn the admins.

  • Good work Andy .... Your a true ninja :p

  • Thank you :-)

  • Looks fake

  • It is fake but a bloody good fake :-p

  • Lol I'm not sure bud but only 1 pic and 9 friend is a lil suspicious

  • Scott Copenhaver , He has 9 friends and most of his 9 friends have 9 friends, the rest have none, and all have a pic of a different make of bike as their cover picture, its a fake account.

  • Its sad to think there is someone out there who's life must be so boring and meaningless to actually sit and create 9 accounts and trawl various biking groups just to spam them.

  • As an admin of a 15,000 member military group community that gets between 20 - 50 join requests a day, I can appreciate this because I feel your pain, lol.

  • Its not half as bad as it was last year and the year before, I managed to gather over 1700 rejects in the blocked bin, I just thought that was a great example of the lengths people will go to to spam a group, 15,000 members.., wow, thats quite a monster :-p

  • Why scam ppl even bother to go in i dont understand. :(

  • Yeah, and because we allow family and supporters in, it's not as easy to vet the accounts but we manage to keep spammers, scammers and most fake profiles out by sifting through them.

  • Miodrag Petrovski Baglamar , Some people have sad lives mate.., nothing better to do with their time :-/

  • Seems to be a fake account to me

  • "Nothing to show"....."nothing to show"...him and all his friends have the same comments....

  • Jo Smith was spot on.., the problem any admin faces is that not all prospective members have full profiles, the only admission criteria for this group is that you own a Kawasaki, once your in your in even if you sell your bike, but how many of us when we first joined Facebook asked to join a group within the first week with little to no friends?, we just have to use our intuition or Ninja senses :-p , but like I said, he was nearly getting in until I realised that his 9 friends were likely himself under a different disguise and with a different bike, you have to get up early to catch me out ;-)

  • 9 friends and all with stock pictures lol

  • I think maybe he us ISIS or alkajda trying to recruit some ninjas lol

  • Looks like everyone of his friends had a lot of free time on the 2nd of March.