Andy Meeks shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Ninja Riders.

TO ALL MEMBERS NEW AND OLD..., please add your location to this new map courtesy of Adrian Tofaute.

*** Please be as specific as you can, avoid placing your marker on capital cities but rather your area within the capital city.

DIRECTIONS..., Below you will see a link "The Adrian Atlas", please click this link and a map will appear, click "ADD MARKER- SIMPLE", a box will appear, enter your name that you use in the group, then below enter your location, choose whatever colour of marker you want, then click "SUBMIT".

This map will replace the location post, it is hoped that this will create riding groups with fellow members in your area, the location post had some success but because of the length of the post was off-putting, you only need to do this if you want to meet up with members, cheers and enjoy the new map :-D

  • Added - love this idea!

  • The more markers on the map.., the smaller our community gets :-D

  • Absolutely - and am pleased to see a member already pinned jist half hour away from me

  • Michelle Primeau .., result :-D

  • Mariah Knox is seeking help.., if more members would pin their marker then maybe she can find someone local who can help her and save her money.

  • Damn I'm the only one from South Africa

  • My phone is not showing the add marker symbol but I'm in Missoula MT

  • Done! Cool Map. Geoff in Worcester, England :)

  • Baltimore md.

  • Could my adres be changed?!

  • Only one in China :)

  • Done. Horneytown, NC!! No one in the area though.

  • Only a fraction of the group have placed their marker on the map, there could be members up the street from you???

  • Awesome idea! Thanks for setting this up!!

  • Thank Adrian Tofaute .., it was his baby.., as long as you get some use out of it, thats the whole point.

  • Ahh for sure. You're a good man for giving credit where credit is due!

  • Yes mate, just edit your details.