Andrew Douglass Hopkins shared Deus Ex Machina USA's photo to the group: Kawasaki W650.

W650 run in a 450 mile California Desert ride.

  • Thanks. I have done things like re-spring the front forks stiffer, raise the back an inch, removed the starter motor, removed the air box, removed the battery (kick only), extended the shifter to fit moto boots, added foam to seat to raise seat height, removed smog equipment, license plate, headlight, tail light all remove with one bolt each and all the stuff Josh pointed out. Originally I set the bike up like a street tracker but I really like pushing a 450lb bike on the MX track and long Desert rides and the small tank was limiting. Here is what the bike looked like in 2007

  • And here is what it looks like now. I got to to take the bike to Japan and race it on one of their MX tracks. I also rode it around the city and stopped by a Kawasaki dealer to look at the W800's. It was quite an experience and I had to pinch myself a few times!

  • over 60k on the bike and I cant say they are easy miles. :)

  • "Over 60K on the bike and I can't say they are easy miles" .... I really LIKE the sound of that! Any motor problems at all? How often on the valve shimming?

  • Wow, haven't seen a better test of how much the W650 can handle--very reassuring.

  • Have done the valves 3 times, but they are never way out of spec. Really easy process. I am also at high rev's allot for extended periods of time. Bouncing off the limiter in Flat track races. So under normal riding conditions I would imagine less frequently. The bevel never needs adjustment and oil changes frequently. I would call these bikes bulletproof. Way more durable than most people will ever need.

  • Still on the original clutch plates, replaced the wheel bearings recently and they seemed fine.

  • Nuff respect Bruv, crackin DuB!!!!! ;-)

  • Kawaski W800 Gentlemen Cup, in Switzerland.. Some examples: /video.php?v=269204519758336 h?v=HawNynxsn7Y v=Fl8AH4ZN9xo

  • Andrew... by the pics you have more air milleage than I have in airplanes... Congratulations... I love the seat of 2007... was it hand made?

  • This pic is now the lock screen image on my phone.