Andrew Donald shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 VN2000 Rogue owners & riders.


Well I should get to see what the new pipes look like this weekend. For $190, I have high hopes and nothing to loose. Still one for sale if someone is looking for a smookin deal.

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  • BTW: I am running the stock air cleaner. I was just going to swap out the exhaust gaskets and I am fine keeping the stock air cleaner and not spending more money on a teclosuion etc. Suspect 2006 was the leanest year for the beast? Hope she doesn't pop too much on over-run...

  • On the subject of air cleaners.. when I pulled mine apart, it looks like the OEM air filter and the plastic frame are one piece. Looks like the filter element is revetted in place on the plastic frame. Did I miss something is that the way it rolls? Do the aftermarket air filters keep the stock plastic frame and you swap out the filter element?

  • I just put in a stock replacement K&N on and it is a direct BOLT on, Take it out of the box and install, 15min your back on the road as long as you don't get to many finger marks all over the chrome...LOL

  • Got the pipes on yesterday. They're great! Would like to have them a bit longer (they stop at the rear axle bolt or so), but for $190, they're great! Baffles are removable. All in all a great deal guys! Suspect they'll be a little loud for my taste now-a-days, but if I don't like them I can always throw back on the stock set and flog these on CL. The stock set is seriously heavy stout design, no doubt and I like the dual cross over design. The only thing I don't like about these so far is there is no cross over. But they are well built, the chrome is deep and high quality.

  • VIDEO!!!!!! lol

  • Will do when I get the thing back together. Right now the bike is in pieces waiting for cables for the new handlebars.

  • Well looks like the last one sold on the above Ebay link.

  • Here's the link to the sound. Sound pretty darn good on my ear buds.