Andrea Bormida shared his album to the group: Kawasaki Versys.

  • I am starting to see those images in my dreams man as my trip date comes closer. Do I have to worry about something? :P

  • The weather; still no control over it... :) Jokes apart, as of late, it's not infrequent to have violent storms, that can last a while. Better not take any chances, and find a safe place to wait for the disaster to pass. Watch out for data roaming on your phone; in Switzerland it's awfully expensive! Deactivate it. Go for a wifi pub, instead. In France, roads are seldom trafficked (except for big cities and coastal places), wide, with 90km/h speed limits, so motorways aren't that necessary to cover big distances, while in Switzerland it's the opposite. Better get the vignette for your windscreen. Watch out in France, because there aren't that many petrol stations, and many do not take cash. Beware of my italian compatriots, as 99% of them are total assholes, on the road... :)