Andrea Bormida shared his album to the group: Kawasaki Versys.

Grimsel & Susten passes, yesterday.

  • So nice pics man. There is a chance I may have to cross those roads really soon if I decide to move out of Greece.

  • From Greece to Switzerland you'll be exhausted of curves... :)

  • Final destination will be Amsterdam Holland. Still making the plans and schedules on my mind and on paper. I ll let you know when so maybe we can drink a coffee on the road :P

  • Well, in Holland you won't find many mountain passes (let's say not the slightest...) , so you can have a break. :)

    Let me know your travel plan, I might be of help. And maybe meet. :)

  • Really appreciated friend. I ll let you know :)

  • Superb album! Lovely route