and by the way i am 5 10 and weigh 200 lbs so yes iam a big girl and hold my...


and by the way,,i am 5 10 and weigh 200 lbs,so yes,,iam a big girl,,,and hold my own,,lol

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  • Went back and looked at the comments and I see where you came to the conclusion about HP. The M109 is rated at 125 HP @ 6200 RPM with 118 Ft-Lb torque @3200 RPM where the VN2000 is rated at 96 HP @ 5000 RPM with 121 Ft-Lb torque @ 3200 RPM. Torque gets you there, HP keeps you there. Even with all the numbers, though, it all boils down to who has the bigger berries in their sack. :)

  • I also used to ride a Honda Magna V-65. Talk about scary.......................still gives me the shivers thinking about how fast I was going...

  • @ AJ, yeah, the stock seat was terrible, I have a Corbin on it. Though it's not the best for comfort as the riding position isn't the greatest, it is better than the stock by a billion miles! :)_

  • My last bike was a busa lol, I got fat n fat guys look funny on sport bikes lol. I was ready for a cruiser . And tho more torque is good , performance comes from torque to weight ratio lol and at 100lbs lighter that 3 lbs extra are null ;) the v2k is awesome but a bit sluggish in the 1/4

  • feels like a freight train on the expressway thats my main concern

  • For a 750 lb bike I'm suprised at how easily it handles in tight spots if ya know how to ride . Very low center of gravity . My best friend is new to riding n I let him on my v2k n after a few min he was totally comfortable with it .

  • I hated the wind chop from the short windshield so I took it off n like it much better without it

  • it doesnt take long went from q c90 boulevard to v2k, was intimidated but within a short time felt like any other bike

  • V2K will spoil you. Everything else feels too small after a few years on the beast.

  • think the hp on m109 is more like 105 same as v2ks before 2008