• An orange a day keeps the doctors away greetings from Hong Kong

    An orange a day keeps the doctors away, greetings from Hong Kong!

    • Good!!

    • Wow gorgeous!!!

    • My favorite version.

    • Elegant!

    • Thank you all for the kind words. Hats off to Kawa as the bike is fully stock as far as I remember! Still thinking what I should customize first..

    • Nothing.

    • +1 to Jack's comment!

    • There is wisdom in the understanding that, while we endevour to make something "better," the result may not be more perfect. But it may become more perfectly yours - "Perfect, faults, and all!" Sure looks amazing as-is, though.

    • This is my W650

    • Moustache for the DGR?

    • Vitamina C

    • Vitamina W, penso che é piu importante!