Amazing ride today in Los Angeles county

Amazing ride today in Los Angeles county. :)

  • Well hello...

  • Wow

  • that reminds me of big sur

  • It's one of the coves @ RPV

  • oh, cool. I looked familiar.

  • Howzit Jay - Palos Verdes?

  • yes

  • Next time you in the area, text me - we will have a beer or coffee. I live in RPV.

  • Are you from Honolulu? My mother was born there. :) grandmother on Maui :) damn Portuguese!

  • Not born and raised but lived there for 32 years. So you are part "pordagee". - My kids are part Pocho too!

  • :) yeah luckily the bombs missed my mom who was 8 months old living next to hickham field :)

  • I lived in Riverside for a year, and in San Pedro for first 100,000 mile year was while I was living in California......

    I lived in Hawaii for over 24 years (3 tours there, Hickam, Camp HM Smith, Pearl Harbor Makalapa, and 14 years with the UH). My first 50,000 mile year was on a 1975 Suzuki GT 550.

    On my last tour in Hawaii I was able to ride on Oahu (where I lived), Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island....

  • Your my hero. I rode only 12k last year but it was all weekends. Travel most weekdays. :)

  • My average now is 10,000 per year on my Gold Wing, W650, and PC 800. Only about 5000 a year on the NT 650 Hawk and CB 700 S Nighthawk....I rode the Hawk for the first time today in about 3 weeks....

  • My air miles are a different story........ I live in California, in the last month I've been to Thailand, Houston Texas twice, New York twice, Berkley ca once, and now New Mexico......