Am looking forward to a long trip like up north Will bring interiors and...


Am looking forward to a long trip like up north. Will bring interiors and clutch cable, just in case they get needed during trip. Is there anything else I should have with me?

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  • maybe a few spokes and a little chain oil

  • Sir wala pa yata clutch cable sa planta. Cable nito parang pang rouser 200. Puwede dito pang barako.

  • Thats right. Did inquire and no stocks available. So pwede clutch cable ng rouser 200 at ng barako?

  • Thanks for the advice troy.

  • Meron ako replacement pangbarako 86 pesos lang po

  • A Honda

  • Cable for rouser 200 is short. I will try to find my old barako clutch cable if it will fit.

  • Will appreciate your findings about the barako clutch cable Rino.

  • Same length barako clutch cable with our avenger.