Am I the only mom that took a mass amount of photos when KD started From the...

Am I the only mom that took a mass amount of photos, when KD started? From the beginning to now ?

  • I wish I would of. 18 years ago I didn't have a cell phone and didn't even think about taking a camera.

  • When the dr said to get her to the children hospital we just went. Didn't take a thing.

  • Took a bunch of all the rashes and feeding tubes, etc! Helped when I showed the drs in the ER upon admittance how the rash started and where.

  • I took photos of when we (family) thought it was mumps all the way till we got dismissed from the hospital

  • I documented the whole thing

  • Yep i took a lot of pics and many notes too. If I didn't have all the photos would have made it a lot harder for diagnosis. Every doctor in the hospital looked at the photos and were thankful of how I documented his illness as it made it easier for them to asses him.

  • I also have an entire binder of her medical records in reverse chronological order. It was helpful when she was diagnosed the second time, and for all the subsequent visits. The dr's look at me like a lunatic when I bust out the binder.

  • I started a binder too for both my girls that I keep updated with any medical info. Is helpful to look bad at information when needed!

  • I have similar too!!

  • I'm still taking them and we are about a month out

  • On my son's first KD, that was misdiagnosed, never treated with IVIG the cardiologist told me if it ever happened again "take pictures" so 7 years later when he woke up with 1 large swollen node and a rash that I remembered all too well I started snapping pictures. Knowing exactly how rare KD is to have a second time much less 7 years apart from the original I must of taken thousands of pictures almost in disbelief as each symptom starting reappearing.

  • I took quite a few photographs. At the time we were worried Freya wouldn't make it so I guess I wanted to capture memories in case we lost her, even if those memories would be awful ones. Actually the photographs were useful to the doctors - the rash that seemed to come and go was missed by Freya's consultant but it was the pictures from that morning that got them to seek advice from a Rheumatologist who would diagnose KD the very next day. I also photographed Freya's nappies (sorry

  • Good idea! I so wish I had taken pics. I took one up close of the bumps of her rash. But I wish I had one of her eyes. :/