Allan MacDonald shared a link to the group: Kawasaki Ninja Riders.

Just playing around on a closed highway last year.

  • GREATNESS!!!! Love it...I have to share it!!! THANKS!!

  • Damn highway is open to the public now. No more playing around.

  • Dang!!!! I have a 14 and a 6 and would love a shut down hwy. Luckily I live in a country area and can get away with some runs!!

  • Ya it stayed closed for 5years they finally finished it.

  • Aww man 5 years!!! That is a great run!!

  • I will post my little run..Please excuse the lousy video quality !!

  • Its in another city 200kms away so I didn't get there much

  • I cannot believe you are doing wheelies at that speed!!! You are either a highly skilled rider, or you are incredibly brave, or both!! Hahaha!! I am still to manage my first wheelie! :(

  • Only first gear power wheelies. I'm not very good at wheelies.

  • I havnt even managed that Allan!! I have seen girls on bikes do huge wheelies and I havn't got the front wheel 1cm off the ground yet - I just need to summon up some courage and go try it I guess!!