• Allan MacDonald

    Allan MacDonald

    • Do they mount the Sony to the bikes or themselves ??

    • ROFL!!!! Well good luck either way on getting what you want! They just do a front mount near the mouth of the helmet seems to do the best job. You can always look at comparison videos with different bikers using gopro vs sony.

    • ty

    • I like the drift ghost action cam

    • I was laughing at you getting the mpg down to about 7 at one stage!! Go Pablo!!

    • You are travelling so fast you are even warping space and time :-p

    • Got a little sea sick just watching that lol

    • kinda looks like that bike been setting out in this TEXAS heat and got warped.

    • 99.9 mpg dam your good lol

    • LOL it dont burn much fuel at de-cell