All weather riders general question as the weather in the UK is starting to get...


All weather riders general question as the weather in the UK is starting to get cold and miserable im thinking of starting to coat up the bike with ACF-50 havent used this before so was wondering when do people usually start coating the bike up in this and do you just spray everything and how often?

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  • Lasts a year

  • Marc Brown do you coat yours up around now and do you spray literally everything? And Marc Stannard you used them before? Doesnt look to bad for what you pay to be fair

  • Yep had my gixxer done last year and of you do it yourself it gets everywhere and be careful round your brakes etc

  • Personally for the money id get it done professionally

  • The plus side to having it done by all year biker is they spray mist it in to places you normally can't get. Think they have also started issuing certificates to show your bike has been treated to add to the service history. Helps the resale value

  • I'd coat it up round now yes, and just spray up all the underside as much as possible. It might give a bit of steam and smell when you run the bike first time as some areas heat up but nothing to worry about.

  • Like this? ;-) haha

  • Thats good to know also Chris Trunwitt ive put some on it but im going to have a think and see if i shall ring up for a booking as do want to keep it spotless lol

  • I always spray it into the switch gear ignition barrels ect. Including remote shock adjuster ect

  • I dont have a remote shocker on mine so one less to do for me ;-) illl definitely do the ignitional barrel though as had problems after winter with my last bike seizing up was an absolute nightmare to sort out