All ported to fit barrel and polished. one to go

All ported to fit barrel and polished. one to go

  • hit it with some 80 grit

  • Or cover the bearing cavity and sand blast it

  • Makes air stand still the only way to compensate that is a cut crank to push the air ..alot of money doing that .. Take some sand paper and rough it up a little

  • Look up CROSS BUFF that's what I have been told to use

  • How much did you take out compared to a stock one?

  • same like the ports in cylinder... first polish. then glas blast this area, for a polished but slightly rough finsh ... why? you get a better precompression and better gas/air-mix on the way to the burning chamber... ... but polish your whole exhaust area in the cylinder ..make it clean like a baby ass without all the sandcast reliefs ;)

  • rough that surface up with 120 grit polish is no good it used to be the go but with modern teck it got proven to slow air flow and create moor surface air friction were scratched or cross hashed surfaces create little vortexes that alow the air to flow over the surface much faster it should look like this for best results

  • last one was half done i clicked on the wrong photo

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