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7 thousand dollars extra gets you 106 horsepower...My 08 V2K 106 horsepower stock...

  • I own a Harley ultra limited with the twin cooled 103 and that motor is a dog compared to these Kawasaki motors.

  • No doubt about that. 103's are turds

  • I can ateast to Colins motors my wife has one he built and she likes to remind me from time to time she can out run me top end.

  • Are you saying the 2K only has 106hp ? I thought the 2k stock had 116hp with 141fpt at 5000 rpm... Or the HD motor comes with 106hp??? Al Al Murrell

  • 116 is at the crank

  • Did this change from 04 to2010 ???

  • Thanks Jim

  • No

  • Diff Timing advances have produced diff numbers at the wheel in diff gears i believe

  • I bought my '05 Limited at a Harley Dealer near Seattle. The Sales dude asked if he could ride it in the lot, I said sure. He came back and told me I had to get that "Thing" off the lot. It was way beefier than an HD motor that they had just finished putting $7500.00 in for a customer. He wanted NO chance that I might meet him on the street. LOL, I love my perfect bike!

  • Where can I go to see where it says "at the crank" with all this info sitting in front of me I see nothing about this. Please, not trying to make a problem here just trying to learn. Having a 06-2K for only one year I'm just curious. Thank you...

  • And self destructing cam chains in hd. Still a known fault ??? Still oblivious to failure knackered would have fixed it foc. Mike

  • 04 is different than 05-07, then 08-10 is different than the other 2 groups. Don't know the specifics, but was thinking the 05-07 performed a little better than the others.

  • Ha ha. Similar story. I traded mine toward my 14 limited and sales guy tried to talk up the HDs power. I told him it did not compare. When he hopped on it and took it to the shop it about jumped out from under him. He wicked it up and let the clutch out like you do these high geared Harley. He was grinning and said "you wasn't kidding".

  • Jason Stanley I have seen that in a few sites but different sites and Kawasaki Service Manual all have different numbers. Who do you believe ??? Funny !!!

  • I know. I have an 08 service manual. And I do know the ecu is different in the 08 later. If memory serves me right, I think they switched to a different gear position sensor too. So it SEEMS believable.

  • My o4 has more power than your Mike Mari Crookham and it goes faster

  • Steve Miller you have me laughing so hard, I can't answer you back. You really want me to go there, you are bad. ( others don't know)

  • Lmao, mine is bigger than yours. ...hahahahahaha....thought I would stir the shit pot a little

  • Option à 6000 euros, pour moins de cylindrée et de puissance, couples que mon vn 2000, pfff

  • Surely it would've been cheaper for them to have fabricated up some engine mounts, and flogged HD owners a second hand VN2k engine? Lol

  • Wow! It only took 'em 12 Years to catch up to the V2K and it's still only an option?!

  • I guess it differs between USA and Sweden, but over here they had a little bit more power 04-06. After that, 08-, they reduced the power a few horses. I think it was a enviromental thing.. No -07 available, atleast in Sweden.

  • Steve Miller looking at the above post (which I find to be correct in my findings) yours is SMALLER !!! LOL... Thanks Lasse Alvebris... All years Rock !!!

  • 08-11 is also a bit heavyer?! 9kg, (20lbs)

  • Katie told me the same thing Steve Miller !!! HaHaHa.

  • and still 5.6 CI smaller.