Afternoon everybody please join me in welcoming George O Malley from Co

Afternoon everybody, please join me in welcoming George O' Malley from Co. Longford in Ireland. Not sure if George has a Zed11 just yet but if not we look forward to pitching in with plenty of advice. Hope you enjoy the group George.

  • Steve you're a very bad man!! Don't stop lol

  • Welcome George

  • welcome to the mad house george, grab a seat enjoy your stay, not being biaseD at all but the later zzr 1100 moDels are faster than the early ones.

  • Welcome in this madhouse and a lot of faster C riders.

  • You forgot to mention you c riders are all deluded

  • Should that be D-luded??? Lol

  • Welcome to the group George... Here you will find a wealth of knowledge, however you will also have to tolerate the Clowns (aka C owners) lol

  • Your naughty lol

  • And the Dumbo's (aka D owners)

  • Nahhhh, not little ole me hehe

  • Confused C owner above

  • hmmmmm not say what the C owners are lol

  • C ute

  • not quiet lol

  • C alm

    C aretace

  • no no no :D

  • not C lever either

  • ooo you played the card ;)

  • C urious about the slower D

  • for comparison

    and big bore kit on the 1100 takes you to an 1109 motor, with hi compression, then add zx11 cams double valve springs, full pipe and jet kits puts you at approx 135 to 149 hp and torque close to 75 ft lbs.

  • Welcome to the mad house George.