After years of riding a Suzuki I have decided to go straight and got myself A...


After years of riding a Suzuki I have decided to go straight and got myself A Z800 (2014) love the bike apart from one thing, anything over 70mph and the wind is trying to rip my head off, any of you lot recommend a different screen to reduce this problem, I think Puig and powerbronze do an aftermarket one if any of you have tried them are they any good or is there something else out ther on the market?

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  • I use a kawasaki screen. Always gonna be blasted with wind on a naked. Found my neck muscles learned to cope over time. I avoid motorways coz they dull as fuck and the wind blast is constant. When my speed ramps i tend to naturally hug the tank and the wind blast isnt too bad. Kinda flows up the screen amd smoothly over my helmet

  • As Dan says mate, that's just the nature of naked bikes. Feeling the wind helps temper your speed I find. I just been riding my mates Sports bike and found without that extra input I was riding.g around d at 150kph without even

    realising it. I looked down at the Speedo and got a surprise. You'll get used the the air snacking you in no time. A large screen will destroy the aesthetic s of the bike. But that's a personal preference thing. Great bike though eh mate, glad to have you onboard!!

  • Thanks for the input I don't think its so much the wind blasting me thats a problem but the small screen on the bike seems to deflect the wind underneath my lid and is trying to rip my lid off my head, I have ordered a Puig screen to see if that helps

  • Good choice, hope they help with your issues..enjoy the Z