After spending a few hours on the bike yesterday I ve realized a couple of...


After spending a few hours on the bike yesterday, I've realized a couple of things. 1. Every Kawasaki owner should have like a 12 pack of 10 mm sockets in various depths. 2. The speedometer cable does not plug into the speedometer. (We THINK we found where it DOES plug into, which is near where my radiator fan that is unplugged plugs into and both require pulling the gas tank).

So. At least it started after being stored all winter.

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  • Or maybe I'll get me one of these!

  • You had a bad day Harmony White ? :-p

  • Actually it went well LOL I had to reconnect some lights, had the whole nose off but put it all back on by myself!

  • I just had to laugh at your 12 pack of 10mm sockets comment :-p

  • I swear I had THREE when I started working on it a few months ago!

  • Any help you need you only have to say :-)

  • I got 99 problems and a 10 mm is one lol

  • Harmony White

  • Shaddup LOL