After reading many posts on here lately about members looking for parts that...


After reading many posts on here lately about members looking for parts that are hard to find like the infamous front mudguard,radiators,oil coolers,fairing panels etc... Well it got me thinking, I know that's dangerous but surely there's enough of us in need of the same parts to get someone willing to make parts for us if they knew how big a market we have in this forum is worth £€$ .. An order for 50 mudguards might get there interest, no ?

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  • Wel hopefully i wont get slagged off but if i cannot get a buyer then it will get broke for spares

  • That's too good to break!

  • just a quick on ebay at the asking prices and i hit the 2k, also got the full hard luggage kit with it

  • asking prices and actual selling ones can be quite a lot different :D

  • i know but i only wanted 2k for the bike

  • If i get enough orders i will make more manual starter motor chain tensioners

  • Martin Souverein

  • Howe much mate?

  • I'm desperate for a front mudguard. Thinking I'll have to go and fit the one from the 600 as I believe they fit? To find one in dark green, no chance!

  • The one off a ZX9R fits, and looks good, a couple of guys on here have done it.

  • Won't get that mate

  • I want one mate

  • I still think a small company that fabricates rads/ coolers or a fiberglass former would be interested if enough of us put orders in look at the guys who made the bar risers they sold quite a few through us guys


    Maybe he makes more for the zzr

  • which is why i will break it

  • Looks pretty good quality.

  • £135 plus painting isn't too bad.

  • And it's fiberglass.

  • Is that good?

  • Maybe he also can make seatcovers for the faster C

  • Fiberglass is good .the original fairing is abs.and that is getting bad .due to UV

  • Seatcovers??

    You mean sidepanels?

  • No.the cover for the it looks like a 1 seater

  • Oh right, yeah.