After a crash happened few days ago there seems to be no oil pressure in the...


After a crash (happened few days ago), there seems to be no oil pressure in the engine (the oil pressure light stays on). The engine didn't damaged visibly, actually there are rollbars on each side, and nothing is damage close to the engine, and it starts instantly.

Last year when i was pulling the ER-5 out from the garage, i've stumbled on something, so fallen with the bike, and the oil light stayed on, which is as i heard normal for a half hour because air bubbles or something, but for me that problem existed even after a day, so i've drained the oil, pulled out the pressure switch cleaned and tested it(multimeter, and compressed air), i've put it back, fill back the oil, and everything was ok. So i did the same this time, but the oil light still stays on :(

When the engine runs there is some clapping, clicking noise, which is the most audible/loud from the right side.

What are the problems?

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  • i never have the oil light so dont know where you heard it is normal for half an hour?

  • sounds like cam chain tensioner need replacing

  • forums, and experienced it too 2 years ago when it was fallen to side, when it was on every time when i started, for a half hour, but after some more wait, i've started again, and the light gone off.

  • suddenly the cam chain tensioner become faulty after a crash?

  • Rev bomb and the lights turn off

  • you say high rpm and the light will turn off? What if they don't, and the engine seizes...

  • My cousin dropped his er5 on the side. The lights wouldn't turn off there was no oil leaks and the level was fine, I took it to the limiter and back and it turned off the two warning lights.

    Make sure you have enough oil and you should be alright

  • Thank youuu!!!!!! This solved the problem. Just a half throttle, to about 5k rpm, and the light gone off. and the oil disappeared from the oil level window too, so something sucked it :)

  • No worries mate!

  • The weird sound was the exhaust, due the exhaust pipes hit the ground, it's leaking at right cylinder head, so probably a gasket or something need to be replaced.