Advice required


Advice required:

Gen 2 has about trashed the rear tyre, looking for something sporty but hard wearing for touring, what's out there? Appreciated your thoughts

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  • Pilot road 4 the only tyre worth putting on in my opinion

  • Avon storm ultra

  • I have a ZX-14r and I don't care what tire I put on it. I drive slow or fast they still wear out fast on the 14's LOL when you have so much power and so much torque I really don't think many tires will last long. BUT there are different tires for different riders. The compunds they are made of vary from style to style. Just stay safe and keep your rubber on the ground

  • Pr4

  • Thanks guys personally I think all tyres these days are great just I am a tight b******* and the thought of a rear tyre that does less than 2000 miles doesn't stand well with me, looking like Pilot Road 4 will be my choice as I do favour michellins

  • Good choice Martin Murray.

  • Good choice Martin Murray . They stick like shit to a blanket on the roads . 100% confidence lying bike down into the bends ;)

  • Cheers mate

  • Michelin road pilot 3, best trade off for grip and a decent wear rate.

  • Bridgestone t30 s are doin great so far done 3000 miles and still looks new. 2000 ov them woz 2 up with 3 box luggage and tank bag so theyve had loads ov wait on them.