Advice needed please

Advice needed, please.

After standing about three weeks, starter motor isn't turning. I can hear a sort of vibrating clicking sound which is coming from the fuse box under the seat. Battery is fully charged. Engine starts with kickstart and runs fine. Any ideas on how I might fix this?

  • Bad connection or battery is dead, I guess the battery

  • I must say the battery was my first suspect, as I haven't used the bike much this year. I'll leave it for a day or so and take a reading.

  • Or just plug it on booster cables (WITHOUT running the car engine) and see if it fires up the engine. If it does, your battery is the problem for sure.

  • My w sucks batts faster than a whore now that I don't ride it as often as before. . . And it does exactly the same problem as yours

  • A optimate item and a new battery may be the solution

  • Weak charge on the battery, get a trickle charger if the bike is going to sit for any amount of time so you don't run through batteries so fast. Or just kick start it and ride it.

  • If the battery is bad, the trickle charger is useless.

  • well, it's definitely the battery. After a little run this morning I let it stand for 5 hours and it's now reading 11.2 volts. Thanks all for your advice and also to my brother-in-law (and fellow member) Keith, who came up with the same verdict when I rang him this morning. I'll be off to buy a new battery in the morning.

  • Good stuff. Easy to diagnose though : it's the only thing that goes wrong on a W650 :v

  • New battery fitted - problem solved. I prefer the kickstart 99% of the time, but the electric start gets things moving that bit quicker first start after a lay-up. Thanks again, all.