Adam Buckland shared The Telegraph's video to the group: Kawasaki Versys.

Bet he's glad he's got a camera.....

  • Im confused... why did the truck go on his lane? And kept on smashin the bike. And why the truck driver is so tottaly clueless? Is it at the UK?

  • Yes it's in the UK.. The driver simply didn't allow for a turning circle in the road he was leaving and the bike was in his blind spot... Can't comment on why the driver is clueless..

  • More like a glass eye than a blind spot

  • Completely INSANE - how can you call that a Blind Spot? The bike was IN FRONT of the lorry/truck???

  • And the GoPro survived again!

  • Driver has a very large blind spot, 'cause his head is so far up his a$$.